“The Similitude Of A Dream” Live in Tilburg 2017- nytt livesläpp från The Neal Morse Band.

The Neal Morse Band släpper ytterligare ett livealbum, denna gång från Tillburg i Holland inspelad 2017 på Road Called Home turne`n. “The Similitude Of A Dream” Live in Tilburg 2017 når skivdiskarna den 15:e juni via Radiant Records.

Disc 1
0. Intro
1. Long Day
2. Overture
3. The Dream
4. City of Destruction
5. We Have Got To Go
6. Makes No Sense
7. Draw the Line
8. The Slough
9. Back to the City
10. The Ways of a Fool
11. So Far Gone
12. Breath of Angels

Disc 2
0. Slave to Your Mind
1. Shortcut to Salvation
2. The Man in the Iron Cage
3. The Road Called Home
4. Sloth
5. Freedom Song
6. I’m Running
7. The Mask
8. Confrontation
9. The Battle
10. Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise)
11. Momentum
12. Author of Confusion
13. Agenda
14. The Call

He Died At Home – nytt från Neal Morse kommande album.

Neal Morse släpper nya soloalbumet Life & Times den 16:e februari via Radiant Records. Ett första smakprov finns nu i  form videon till låten He Died At Home.


Neal Morse  – Life & Times
Livin’ Lightly
Good Love Is On The Way
Selfie In The Square
He Died At Home
She’s Changed Her Mind
Wave On The Ocean
You + Me + Everything
Lay Low
Old Alabama
If I Only Had a Day

Nytt solosläpp från multimusikern Neal Morse.

Neal Morse som bl.a. gästar Sweden Rock Festival med Transatlantic släpper soloalbumet Songs From November den 18 augusti via InsideOut Music.

Neal Morse 2014

1. Heaven Smiled
2. Whatever Days
3. Flowers In A Vase
4. Love Shot An Arrow
5. Song For The Free
6. Tell Me Annabelle
7. My Time Of Dying
8. When Things Slow Down
9. Daddy’s Daughter
10. Wear The Chains
11. The Way Of Love