Beth Hart ger ut liveplattan Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall.

Den Grammy-nominerade singer/songwritern Beth Hart släpper sitt framträdande tidigare i år från Royal Albert Hall den 30:e november via Mascot Label Group med titeln  Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall. Se trailern här.


Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall

1 As Long As I Have A Song
2 For My Friends
3 Lifts You Up
4 Close To My Fire
5 Bang Bang Boom Boom
6 Good As It Gets
7 Spirit Of God
8 Baddest Blues
9 Sister Heroine
10 Baby Shot Me Down
11 Waterfalls
12 Your Heart Is As Black As Night
13 Saved
14 The Ugliest House On The Block
15 Spiders In My Bed
16 Take It Easy On Me
17 Leave The Light On
18 Mama This One’s For You
19 My California
20 Trouble
21 Love Is A Lie
22 Picture In A Frame
23 Caught Out In The Rain


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