Ayreon ger ut video från kommande Electric Castle Live And Other Tales

Den 27 mars ger Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group ut Ayreon-Electric Castle Live and Other Tales som trippel-LP/dubbel-CD+DVD/BD. En dokumentation av förra årets spektakulära framförande av Ayreons tredje platta Into The Electric Castle. Smakprov med videon Garden of Emotions ligger nu ute.

1 Welcome to the New Dimension
2 Isis and Osiris
3 Amazing Flight
4 Time Beyond Time
5 The Decision Tree
6 Tunnel of Light
7 Across the Rainbow Bridge
8 The Garden of Emotions
9 Valley of the Queens
10 The Castle Hall
11 Tower of Hope
12 Cosmic Fusion

1 Robby Valentine
2 The Mirror Maze
3 Evil Devolution
4 The Two Gates
5 Forever of the Stars
6 Another Time, Another Space
7 Shores of India
8 Ashes
9 Out in the Real World
10 Twisted Coil
11 Kayleigh
12 Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin
13 Songs of the Ocean

DVD 1: Full show (2:28:37)
DVD 2: Extra’s
Behind the scenes (1:48:28)
Extended Interview (1:32:24)
Audio: DD 2.0 and DD 5.1 surround
The same content as the 2 DVDs
Audio: DD 2.0 and DTS-MA 5.1 surround


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