Marillion – nya plattan An Hour Before It’s Dark har release i mars 2022

Releasedatum för Marillions kommande album An Hour Before It’s Dark är nu fastställd till 4:e mars via ear Music.

Marillion – An Hour Before It’s Dark

  1. Be Hard On Yourself
    i. The Tear In The Big Picture ii. Lust For Luxury iii. You Can Learn 2. Reprogram The Gene i. Invincible ii. Trouble-Free Life iii. A Cure For Us?
  2. Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
  3. Murder Machines
  4. The Crow And The Nightingale
  5. Sierra Leone
    i. Chance In A Million ii. The White Sand iii. The Diamond iv. The Blue Warm Air v. More Than A Treasure
  6. Care
    i. Maintenance Drugs ii. An Hour Before It’s Dark iii. Every Call iv. Angels On Earth


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