Overlords- albumsläpp från Came From Space

Came From Space har idag release på nya albumet Overlords, sampler nedan.

We Came From Space – Overlords

1.Overlords 10:45
2.On the Radio 07:32
3.Empty Space 05:05
4.She’s the Bomb / Atomic Blues 10:38
5.Reputation 05:31
6.Silent Letters 05:12
7.Facade 04:55
8.Seize the Day 09:18

Dave Buzard – Guitar, Vocals, and the Flatulating Reticulated Flume
Dave Hawk – Bass, Vocals, and the Möbius Stripper Pole
Bill Hubauer – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, and the Baritone Hyperbolic Funkometer
Tim Malone – Drums, Percussion, and the Four Octave Schissel


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